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Transforming the Customer Experience with Digital Signage

January 2022
Sagenet Digital Signage Maintenance
By Adam Shilling

Business leaders and industry analysts frequently describe digital signage as an advertising medium. That’s not inaccurate, but it is a woefully inadequate definition. Through a unique combination of leading-edge technology and creative content, today’s signage solutions can transcend conventional advertising to fundamentally transform the customer experience.

At a basic level, digital signs do a wonderful job of delivering basic product information to customers. With enhanced data integration, interactive technologies and advanced analytics, however, signage solutions can help create deeper and more meaningful customer connections.

U.S. consumers say more engaging signage not only influences their purchasing decisions but can enhance the in-person shopping experience. For example, 87 percent of U.S. consumers in a recent survey say they would shop more in person if stores had interactive screens that provide product information, comparisons and reviews. Ninety percent say they believe digital screens with self-serve options would help them save time during shopping visits.

However, designing, implementing and managing a dynamic digital signage environment can present significant challenges. Organizations are often unprepared for the time and effort required to produce vibrant, engaging content that is rotated, modified or updated frequently. Meanwhile, network connectivity, data integration and other technical requirements can create significant burdens for IT teams.

SageNet helps relieve those burdens through our SageVIEW digital signage ecosystem. From design and deployment to monitoring and maintenance, our fully managed solution is designed to help you deliver a highly immersive, interactive experience for today’s digitally savvy consumers.

With the recent development of the SageVIEW Experience Labs, we have harnessed many of the key skill sets required to build solutions that enhance the customer experience. Our team of dedicated creatives, technologists and application specialists work in unison to develop next-generation solutions based on the following essential characteristics:


Effective digital signage requires a continual stream of relevant content that can be quickly updated, modified and rotated. However, some organizations don’t plan for how they will keep their content fresh and relevant. Dull, lifeless content with outdated messaging, misspellings, grammar errors and punctuation mistakes can actually drive customers away.

The SageVIEW Experience Labs professionals have experience with all aspects of content development, including writing, editing, animation and video production. We know how to reach consumers with content that is engaging, entertaining, informative and even inspiring. We also understand the importance of using a mixture of text, video, photos, animation, streaming content and more to engage customers.


The SageVIEW environment supports integration with a variety of data sources, including in-store databases, RSS feeds, loyalty apps, calendar apps, weather apps, menu boards, point-of-sale systems and more. This enables you to deliver more dynamic and personalized content to customers in real time. Real-time data integration is particularly important for businesses such as quick-serve restaurants, hotels and retailers that need to frequently update menu items, make price changes, and offer time-sensitive promotions and discounts.


Interactive touchscreens allow customers to enjoy a self-service experience. With product information, customer reviews and merchandise comparisons at their fingertips, customers can enjoy an online-type experience in the store. Interactive wayfinding features also help customers navigate the store without the need to ask for directions.


Displays fitted with sensors can capture data you can use to evaluate advertising campaigns, understand traffic patterns and identify peak business hours. By applying AI-driven analytics to that data, you can learn which messages draw the most attention, determine sales conversion rates, evaluate product placement and more.

Digital signage is an important medium for delivering advertising messages at the point of purchase. However, if that represents the sole purpose of your signage solution, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to engage with customers and understand their behaviors. Call us to learn more about using signage to improve the customer experience.

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