Energy facilities work at the confluence of the digital and physical worlds

Gain speed, agility, and insight

The energy sector delivers the vital resources we depend on for comfort and survival. These resources are drawn from vast geographic areas, including some of the world’s most isolated regions. Energy companies need high-speed, highly reliable connectivity to support their exploration, production and distribution networks.

SageNet specializes in the delivery of mission-critical services to this critical industry. Our networking solutions simplify connectivity across widely dispersed sites with a blend of broadband, cellular and satellite to meet the most demanding requirements. With this backbone in place, we provide an array of supporting technologies coupled with some of the most advanced security solutions available.

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Enable Better Decision-Making

Phygital Touchpoints

Digital signage enables you to deliver real-time data and targeted content to onsite and remote users. Our solution is simple and secure.

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Seamless and Scalable


Primary and backup infrastructure, voice and video collaboration, SCADA and M2M communications. SageNet delivers everything you need.

Support and Enable

Managed Services

Rest assured that our experts provide guidance and support during every stage of your network solution, from pre-planning to analysis and troubleshooting.

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