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We know technology and what works best in your industry.

SageNet designs, implements and manages secure, cost-effective communications networks for some of the nation’s leading businesses, government agencies, energy companies, and public utilities.

And whether serving 10,000 retail stores spread across the country, 500 utility substations throughout the Mid-west, or 75 riggers, roughnecks and roustabouts on a platform in the Gulf, we always deliver the products, services, and support to ensure reliable, secure, and cost-effective communications.

Here are the industries we serve

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From POS, online inventory to MNSP services, video surveillance to video-at-the-pump, PCI compliance and continuity of operations, SageNet supercharges your C-store with fast, reliable connectivity.

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Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi , loyalty program support, digital signage, video surveillance, PCI compliance and mission-critical business continuity, your made-to-order network is ready for pick-up!

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Guest Wi-Fi, PCI compliance, digital signage – if requires fast, secure, reliable connectivity, check-out SageNet’s Retail-Ready managed network services for yourself.

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Offering built-in redundancy, quick-deploy and transportable options, this is the place for utility-tough WAN solutions with fast data transmission, rapid response times, and real-time control.

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Public Safety

Disaster recovery, continuity of operations, data, voice, video, satellite, broadband, and cellular, SageNet hybrid emergency communications solutions are as versatile and dependable as you are.

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Oil & Gas

Trusted communications between offices, pipelines, remote drilling, production facilities and exploration teams, we support the full range of critical communications for the energy industry.

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Financial and insurance services firms rely on SageNet for digital signage, guest Wi-Fi and fast, cost-effective and secure primary/back-up wide area connectivity.

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Whether it’s HIPAA, HITECH, PCI compliance, digital signage, primary or back-up connectivity, SageNet’s reliable, secure and affordable managed services have you covered.

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From guest Wi-Fi to kiosk services, digital signage to security and PCI-compliance, SageNet brings together the connectivity, security and reliability you AND your guests demand.

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