Support Services

Getting things done and doing them right all comes down to the right people, processes and technologies

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Field Service

Fully managed logistical support for your multi-site business’ mission-critical requirements

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National Logistics Center

33,000 square foot state-of-the-art shipping, receiving, configuration, cabling, test and repair facility

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Network Operations Centers

Three US-based NOC/SOCs provide you highly-trained personnel, advanced monitoring systems and unprecedented peace of mind

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Network Consulting Services

Optimize performance. Develop strategies. Mitigate risk.

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Managed Security Services

Managed security services deliver an effective and affordable security program following a best-practices security framework

Put SageNet to work for you

There's a tipping point. For some it's 20 stores, for others it may be 200. However, every enterprise will reach a point where the ROI on outsourcing crucial network deployment, management and security simply makes sense.

Is your organization ready to make the switch? Take a look at the SageNet MSP solution set. A custom-tailored package of managed services just might hold the answer.

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