How Lift and Learn Technology Enables Customer Empowerment

April 2024
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For decades, retailers have focused on delivering high-quality customer service. Then with the advent of electronic retailing, or e-tail, customer engagement became the name of the game. Now, with highly personalized, omnichannel buying experiences, customer empowerment has become the mantra of forward-thinking brands.

Customer engagement is all about creating an ongoing relationship with the customer. The goal is to build brand awareness and loyalty and elevate the customer experience beyond individual transactions. Customer empowerment goes a step further. The objective is to make customers active participants in the relationship by giving them the tools and information they need to make informed decisions.

Customer empowerment is a powerful tool for building brand loyalty and reducing customer churn. Studies show that customer empowerment fosters an emotional connection with the brand.

The right technology helps retailers optimize their customer empowerment initiatives. One of those solutions is Lift and Learn, an interactive system that encourages customers to physically engage with products. By blending physical and digital shopping, Lift and Learn creates a more immersive experience that enables customer empowerment.

What is Lift and Learn?

Lift and Learn combines digital signage with smart retail shelves or RFID product tags. The solution senses when a customer picks up a product, triggering the digital signage to display relevant promotional or educational content.

Lift and Learn can be used with traditional digital signage, allowing retailers to maximize their existing investments. It can also be elevated with touchscreen displays that guide customers through the purchasing process. When Lift and Learn is integrated with customer loyalty data, displays can recommend additional products based on past purchases.

Lift and Learn builds upon the proven benefits of digital signage. It draws customers into the store, increases dwell times, and influences point-of-sale decisions. More importantly, Lift and Learn helps boost sales by arming customers with more relevant information. Visual clues help customers understand product features and specifications so they can better visualize using the product.

From the retailer’s perspective, Lift and Learn provides a treasure trove of information. Retailers can gather detailed metrics on which products customers interact with, how long they engage with the display, and more. This enables retailers to learn which products attract the most interest and what content drives sales conversions.

How SageNet Can Help

While the components of Lift and Learn are well understood, making them work together takes specialized expertise. That’s why SageNet includes Lift and Learn in our broad portfolio of advanced digital signage solutions. Our team will consult with you to determine your objectives for Lift and Learn, and help you select the right technologies to maximize your return on investment.

SageVIEW is our digital signage ecosystem, combining decades of experience with industry-leading technology and managed services. We deliver an end-to-end Lift and Learn solution, complete with displays, sensors, RFID, and software. On the back end, we help you capture and analyze data for more informed decision-making.

Our professional services team will deploy the solution in your environment for rapid time to value. We are also here to help you from Day 2 and beyond, with managed services and field support to ensure successful long-term operation.

A customer empowerment strategy can help retailers increase sales and maximize brand loyalty, and Lift and Learn technology is a key component. Let SageNet help you explore Lift and Learn and deploy the right solution for your needs and objectives.

Matt Pittsford

Matt Pittsford

VP of Sales - Retail

Aligning your in-store marketing with web and mobile can be tough in retail, whether you’re a restaurant or specialty retail store. But the goal is to create a better in-store digital experience for your customer. Digital signage is a great way to stay relevant and engage with customers in your retail stores. From a beautiful high-definition TV to a large touchscreen. That’s the great thing about SageNet – we can help all our customers see positive results, whether it’s through in-store digital engagement or the latest in digital signage menu boards and analytics into customer insights.

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