Matt Pittsford

Matt Pittsford

VP of Sales - Retail

"Aligning your in-store marketing with web and mobile can be tough in retail, whether you’re a restaurant or specialty retail store. But the goal is to create a better in-store digital experience for your customer. Digital signage is a great way to stay relevant and engage with customers in your retail stores. From a beautiful high-definition TV to a large touchscreen. That’s the great thing about SageNet – we can help all our customers see positive results, whether it’s through in-store digital engagement or the latest in digital signage menu boards and analytics into customer insights."

Matt Pittsford helps his clients create the best possible experience for their customers through his expertise with omni-channel marketing, store analytics and the latest digital signage innovations. By offering his unique insights into how customers think and make decisions, he helps clients create digitally interactive stores that not only create happy customers but that produce higher profits and lower costs.

Previous Experience

Senior Account Manager, Manhattan Associates
• As a senior account manager at one of the most profitable software companies in the U.S., Matt worked with key North American customers on supply chain initiatives to help them get the most out of their Manhattan solutions. He held several different positions over the 15 years with the company from account manager and solution demonstrations on the sales team to project manager/design lead with the company’s professional services division.

Consultant, CIBER, Inc.

• At this information technology consulting company, Matt designed change management programs for clients and led the instruction of these classes to help with knowledge transfer and training. He also held positions as lead technical and functional consultant on implementations.

Topics Matt can speak on

• Sales account management
• Omni-channel marketing experience (combined in-store, web, and mobile marketing)
• Retail in-store digital marketing (digital signage and interaction)
• Marketing campaign performance/optimization
• Retail store analytics
• Retail store network performance
• Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS)
• Corporate network security

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