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Why Ongoing Maintenance Is a Digital Signage Must-Have

October 2021
Sagenet Digital Signage Maintenance
By IV Dickson

Companies have come to rely upon digital signage to market their products, engage and entertain customers, and communicate with employees. However, digital signage is only effective if it’s attractive and functioning properly. That’s why ongoing maintenance is a key component of any digital signage strategy.


In 2018, researchers found some rather unpleasant bacteria on the touchscreen kiosks in several McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are even more conscious of the cleanliness of touchscreens and other digital signage devices. The equipment should be cleaned regularly with screen-safe antimicrobial wipes. Stains and spots can be removed with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution. Digital cleaning services are also available in the marketplace and can be added as a monthly or even weekly service. This can be valuable for touchscreens in very high traffic areas.

Additionally, digital signage equipment should be dusted periodically to ensure that fine particles don’t interfere with operation. Outdoor digital signage requires routine inspection of the supporting and protective structures to ensure that they remain weatherproof.

Software Maintenance

Digital signage software should be kept up-to-date and patched to prevent glitches that could affect the performance and uptime of the equipment. Security patches are especially important. Like any device that’s connected to the network, digital signage can be vulnerable to security threats. Hackers have been known to take control of digital signage and use it to display offensive messages or propaganda. Worse, the digital signage could provide a hacker with an entry point to the entire network.

Organizations should also conduct periodic reviews to determine if the software continues to meet business and IT requirements. Digital signage software continues to evolve, and new versions may have features and functionality that could enhance operations.

Hardware Maintenance and Repair

Organizations should invest in commercial-grade digital signage equipment that’s designed to operate 24×7 in harsh environments. But the best equipment can and will fail, leading to downtime and a poor customer experience. In light of that, organizations should have a plan for maintaining their equipment and performing repairs as needed. There should also be a plan for replacing hardware as it reaches the end of its expected operation lifespan.

The challenge lies in the distributed nature of many digital signage implementations, with equipment installed across numerous remote sites. Marketing teams lack the resources and know-how to handle equipment maintenance, and overstretched IT staff may not be able to address digital signage issues in a timely manner. The result is extended downtime that negatively impacts the customer experience and the value of the digital signage investment.

How SageNet Can Help

SageNet’s SageVIEW digital signage ecosystem is a services-driven approach that encompasses every phase of the digital signage lifecycle. With SageVIEW, organizations are assured of a resilient, engaging digital signage experience that maximizes the return on investment from Day One to Day 1,000 and beyond.

It begins with professional services that include design, configuration, testing, turnup and installation. But we don’t stop there. SageVIEW managed services help ensure that digital signage initiatives are sustainable and scalable.

Spearheaded from our 24×7 Network Operations Centers, SageVIEW managed services include management, monitoring, maintenance, field support, and analytics and optimization. Our experienced engineers and technicians leverage industry-leading tools to perform software updates and respond rapidly to issues. Our field services team has the reach, scope, and proven processes to handle hardware maintenance and support across the largest digital signage implementations.

Maintenance challenges can derail digital signage initiatives and limit ROI. Let SageNet help ensure that your hardware and software perform optimally and deliver a high-quality digital signage experience.

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