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The Role of Digital Signage in Today’s C-Store Forecourt

May 2021
Forecourt Digital Signage Blog
By IV Dickson

Traditionally, customers visited the convenience store forecourt to buy fuel. The c-store operator’s goal was to entice customers inside the store. Signage was positioned on pylons, gas pump tops and in windows promoting higher-margin items along with sales and special offers.

Consumer behaviors have changed, however. According to market analyst Lumina Intelligence, customers now visit forecourts primarily to purchase food to go. They’re still buying fuel but that’s not the primary reason for their visit.

For today’s c-store, the objective isn’t necessarily to draw customers into the store but to bring the store to the forecourt. Pump-side ordering and delivery entices customers who would not enter the store to make a purchase. This results not only in incremental sales but larger basket size and more frequent visits.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upped the ante for the pump-side ordering and delivery model. Today’s consumer wants not only convenience but a frictionless, contactless transaction. By enabling customers to order and pay at the pump, convenience stores can provide that experience while minimizing the number of customers queueing up at the register.

Pump-Side Ordering and Delivery

In recent years, c-store operators have been replacing static signs with digital displays. Digital signage has been placed on top of or inside the pump to entertain and market to customers during the three to four minutes it takes to fill a car with gas. The digital displays have been used to deliver welcome messages and public service announcements along with cross-sell and upsell marketing, promotions, and loyalty program info.

Now c-store operators have an opportunity to refine their digital signage strategy to take advantage of new marketing opportunities. By integrating digital signage with mobile ordering and payment technologies, c-store operators can entice shoppers who visit the forecourt to buy food.

Digital signage can be used to promote food items that are available for pump-side ordering and delivery. Customers can either call in their order or, ideally, use a mobile app to select items as they fill up their car. A store employee brings the purchase right to the customer’s vehicle. It’s a great option for commuters in a hurry to get to work as well as parents who have kids in car seats.

How SageNet Can Help

SageNet has developed a one-stop-shop approach to the design, integration, procurement, deployment, connectivity and ongoing support of digital signage solutions. Our SageVIEW ecosystem is designed to enhance the digital signage experience from both the customer’s perspective and the network operator’s perspective. We create an effective and reliable solution that increases customer engagement while eliminating the headaches associated with implementing and maintaining a digital signage initiative.

SageVIEW.csx is a holistic digital signage platform designed especially for today’s dynamic c-store environment. Combining our years of experience serving c-store operators with our extensive expertise in digital signage and network connectivity, SageVIEW.csx helps c-stores create a unique digital signage experience throughout their operations.

The convenience store forecourt is often the first customer touchpoint. Getting that first impression right is crucial. Forecourts are no longer just a place to purchase fuel but rather an integral part of the shopping experience. Let us show you how SageVIEW can help you meet today’s demand for pump-side ordering and delivery.

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