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The Path from Survival to Security

February 2021
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In this webinar, our experts explore how the COVID’s massive global shift in how retailers operate is driving unparalleled innovation. And, how the attempt to keep up has led to security falling behind.


Some key takeaways include:
  • COVID has changed how customers & employees interact with technology
  • Your business relies on keeping your customers happy – which now means keeping their data safe
  • Retail organizations must remain flexible for the pandemic-related business changes that are yet to come if they are going to survive – by keeping security top of mind, they can thrive
  • Using a reliable partner that can act as an extension of your internal IT teams can keep any organization focused on growth


Paul Truitt

Paul Truitt

Chief Information Security Officer

As our CISO, I have the opportunity to ensure we have the best cyber technology and services to simplify the lives of our customers as well as provide the most secure and compliant services possible.

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