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December 2022
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Following a decade of modest but steady growth, the global market for unified communications solutions has been on fire recently as organizations move to support increasingly distributed workforces. The global UC market exploded from $14.6 billion in 2018 to $93.5 billion in 2021, and Grand View Research projects it will more than triple to $344.8 billion by 2028.

There have been significant growing pains, however. As UC adoption has increased, technical issues have become overwhelming for some IT teams. In a recent NetScout survey, IT decision-makers in North America reported that between 50 percent and 75 percent of all their help desk requests are related to UC issues.

A cloud-based UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solution offers a far more trouble-free adoption path. UCaaS relieves organizations of the need to purchase, maintain and upgrade servers, routers, gateways and other hardware — those costs and responsibilities are offloaded to a service provider. For a monthly fee, users can access enterprise-class UC technology and applications on any Internet-connected device. Users enjoy a consistent experience regardless of their location, allowing for greater business agility and productivity.

Future-Proof Business Communications

More important, the cloud-delivery model ensures you always have access to the latest UC features and functions without forklift upgrades. Upgrading on-premises UC systems can be extremely challenging. Software and operating system updates may introduce new functionality, but they may also require significant hardware updates.

With an expected lifespan of about 10 years, on-premises systems become more vulnerable over time. As these systems age, there may no longer be a direct upgrade path. At that point, finding replacement hardware becomes difficult and expensive, increasing the risk of unexpected downtime. In addition, outdated software no longer supported by the manufacturer can create security and compliance issues.

SageNet’s UCaaS offering simplifies things for our customers. Powered by GoTo Connect’s cloud-native platform, our UCaaS service dramatically reduces customers’ management burden while delivering voice, video, instant messaging, presence and other communication and collaboration applications in a turnkey solution.

The SageNet Advantage

In addition to reducing complexity, SageNet’s solution delivers a range of important business features and benefits, including:

  • Cost-savings: Acquiring UC services through a monthly subscription instead of purchasing them outright reduces upfront costs, creates budget flexibility and provides a hedge against investments that could prove to be inadequate or ineffective.
  • Scalability: UCaaS provides the flexibility to quickly scale services up or down according to business requirements, creating operational efficiency by enabling organizations to pay only for what they need.
  • Versatility: Each UCaaS seat includes 80 different enterprise communication features, including web conferencing, enterprise chat, E911, call analytics, hot desking, unlimited auto attendants and much more.
  • App integration: A growing ecosystem of APIs enable voice and messaging integration with key business applications such as CRM, ERP, sales force automation and supply chain management.
  • Robust connectivity: SageNet offers multiple high-bandwidth connectivity options through our Managed Network Services, including SD-WAN connections that can prioritize voice and video traffic.
  • Security: UCaaS is hosted on hardware in our secure data center, where we employ multiple security measures in a multi-layered defense.
  • Analytics: Reports and dashboards provide unprecedented visibility into how your employees communicate and collaborate.
  • Training: We offer training and documentation to expedite adoption and accelerate ROI.
  • Support: Our highly trained team supports your system with advanced monitoring solutions.

If your organization is ready to move its critical communications infrastructure to the cloud, give us a call. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you how our UCaaS solution can meet your needs now and in the future.

Jason Schwakopf

Jason Schwakopf

Senior Sales Engineer

Recent events have caused a paradigm shift for many companies, accelerating their desire to better leverage IoT. Supply chain, healthcare, advanced living care, retail and other service industries are going to be looking at ways to be “touchless” as much as possible. Enterprise systems will need a new level of flexibility, accessibility and above all, security.

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