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Content Management is Key to C-Store Signage Effectiveness

March 2023
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Convenience stores sell an estimated 80 percent of all the fuel purchased in the U.S. However, savvy operators understand that continued growth of the business hinges on their ability to get customers to come inside and purchase higher-margin items. Only 26 percent of consumers go from the gas pump into the c-store, according to a study from The Coca-Cola Co.

An effective digital signage strategy is key to increasing in-store traffic. Strategically placed signage can help improve the conversion rate by drawing customers’ attention to in-store products, services and specials. Once inside, menu boards and other displays can direct guests to specific products or sections of the store.

While signage placement is important, an effective signage strategy ultimately comes down to the content you’re delivering. Digital signs won’t have much impact if they’re presenting stale, unimaginative or out-of-date messaging.

Studies show that engaging and relevant content can make a big difference. Compelling digital displays can increase purchase amounts by 29.5 percent and lead customers to spend 30 percent more time in the store, according to a study by Additionally, 44 percent of customers reported that the messaging influenced their purchasing decision.

Managing the Messaging

The ability to quickly and efficiently update, modify and rotate messaging is perhaps the key feature of digital signage. It gives stores the ability to reach the right customer at the right time. Achieving that type of messaging agility requires a robust content management system (CMS).

A CMS provides the means for customizing, scheduling, monitoring and deploying messages over a network of displays. CMS applications support a variety of audio, video, image and text formats that can be accessed through a dashboard interface. Leading solutions may also include content authoring tools that allow users to build multimedia content from scratch or use predesigned templates for faster and easier deployment.

Content management solutions are flexible enough to accommodate any organization. They can be implemented and managed locally, at the corporate level or remotely by a third-party provider. Most CMS dashboards can be accessed via the Internet using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, providing c-store operators with a great deal of management flexibility.

Data Integration Benefits

The ability to integrate with a variety of data sources is another valuable feature for c-store operators. When integrated with inventory and point-of-sale (POS) systems, the CMS can automatically remove sold-out or discontinued items, implement price changes or showcase seasonal specials. Integration with RSS feeds, web pages and third-party apps enables stores to display a range of customer-friendly content such as news, weather, sports and financial headlines.

When integrated with analytics platforms, content management solutions also give c-stores a way to evaluate the effectiveness of specific content. For example, stores can compare sales data against their content schedule to understand which messages are driving increased sales. In a similar way, operators can compare data between different stores to understand specific campaigns influence different audiences.

Greater Visibility

A CMS can also help you monitor the health of the signage network. User-friendly dashboards offer visual representations of the network, providing the real-time status of all your digital displays. Graphical representations of key performance indicators will show if any of the system components are malfunctioning or require updates.

An effective content management system is essential for c-stores aiming to drive increased in-store traffic with digital signage. We can help you evaluate, acquire and implement a CMS that best suits your organization’s needs through our SageView signage practice. For those looking for a more hands-off experience, our fully managed solution makes it easy to present your customers with fresh and compelling information. Call us to learn more.

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