A Look at Innovative Use Cases for Satellite Internet

August 2023
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Satellite Internet has long been the last-resort connectivity option in remote and rural areas that lack broadband access. However, reduced launch costs and advancements in satellite technology have made it an increasingly viable connectivity option for a wide variety of industry sectors.

Reusable rocket technology has changed the economics of satellite Internet. Recovering and reusing large portions of launch vehicles costs less than half as much as building new, single-use rockets. At the same time, constellations of small, low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites enable near-global coverage with minimal latency.

These and other factors allow organizations to use satellite for many beneficial applications. Here are some ways different industries are utilizing the technology:

Retail & Hospitality

Retailers utilize satellite-based point-of-sale (POS) systems to process transactions, manage sales data and synchronize sales information with central databases. Because these systems connect every link in the supply chain, retailers in remote areas can stay connected to centralized databases to access up-to-date pricing and product information. Satellite connectivity also enables real-time inventory tracking across retail locations, ensuring accurate stock levels. In the hospitality sector, hotels and restaurants also benefit from satellite-based POS and inventory management systems. Satellite facilitates back-end operations such as reservations, inventory, billing and other administrative tasks as well.

Energy & Utilities

Oil and gas companies use satellite to establish reliable communication links with offshore platforms and remote drilling sites. Satellite also supports Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that energy and utility companies use to monitor and control critical infrastructure. Additionally, satellite connectivity plays a key role in the development of smart electricity grids that optimize energy distribution and consumption.


Container ships, cruise lines, fishing fleets, offshore oil rigs and more require reliable and high-speed connectivity for emergency communications, weather monitoring, fleet tracking, crew services and more. Additionally, satellite is helping these industries fast-track data analytics, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to improve safety, efficiency and profitability.


Remote farms, ranches and other agricultural properties rely on satellite Internet for communications. Increasingly, the technology is used to provide data-driven insights that improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability. For example, farmers can use satellite imagery and remote sensing technologies to monitor soil quality and crop yield. This enables them to make informed decisions about applying fertilizers and pesticides, and to establish planting and harvesting schedules. Satellite-based sensors also provide data about soil moisture levels, helping farmers develop efficient irrigation strategies to prevent overwatering or water scarcity.


Satellite Internet is essential for the short-term connectivity requirements of construction projects. Beyond basic communication functions, construction firms need high-speed Internet access for an array of IT systems and solutions, ranging from project management software to 3-D modeling programs. Satellite Internet also enables the use of remote video surveillance and security systems at job sites that are vulnerable to theft, vandalism and safety hazards.


Satellite Internet is a game-changer for healthcare in remote and underserved areas. Doctors and specialists can use telemedicine applications to conduct virtual consultations, share medical records and evaluate patients’ health remotely via live videoconferencing sessions. Satellite connectivity also supports long-term management of chronic diseases through the use of remote monitoring devices. Additionally, satellite ensures connectivity during natural disasters or other emergencies.


The availability of satellite Internet has expanded rapidly in recent years due to technological advances that have led to increased coverage, improved transmission speeds and more reliable connectivity. As a result, it now enables a wide range of innovative use cases across nearly all industry sectors. Contact us to learn how satellite connectivity offered through our SageCONNECT service portfolio can help your organization drive increased efficiency and innovation.

Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson

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Companies are using VSAT technology in all kinds of ways. That’s the exciting part of our focus right now – finding new markets and opportunities where satellite can be a benefit.

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