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SageNet Highlights Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) at NACS 2022 Show

September 30, 2022

TULSA, Okla. – September 30, 2022 – SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed network, digital signage and security services provider, will highlight cutting-edge retail shelf digital signage technologies at this year’s NACS 2022 show, Oct. 1-4 in Las Vegas. The NACS Show offers the most comprehensive representation of products and services for the convenience and fuel retailing industry.

Visitors to SageNet’s NACS Booth #6408 can experience SageVIEW Shelf-edge solutions which offer a combination of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) as well as an in-shelf/shelf-edge digital signage system that utilizes digital signage technology to reimagine retail shelf marketing and maintenance.

SageVIEW Shelf-edge revolutionizes the convenience store shelf by bringing together high-impact visual technology with the simplicity of managed content that can be easily updated, monitored and maintained.

“The whole idea behind this technology is to deliver the impact of traditional large-format Digital Signage at the point of impulse, the precise location of the physical product. This technology gives c-stores a completely new way to simply manage shelf operations in real time. For example, with our ESLs, you never need to print out shelf tags again,” said IV Dickson, SageNet’s Vice President of Digital Signage. “This creates huge cost savings for convenience stores, which can have 2,500-plus SKUs. When paired with the broader digital experience, this software optimizes your store displays and gives you a powerful tool to streamline your merchandising.”

Beyond ESLs, SageVIEW Shelf-edge also provides unique format, high-def, full-color screens that fit perfectly in front of standard shelves to create a dynamic shopping experience and are available in 2-, 3- and 4-foot shelving systems. The flexible shelf mounting brackets can be adjusted for different mounting positions and angles. The shelves also can be equipped with cameras and sensors to provide data to different kinds of signage and inventory systems.

SageNet already manages nearly 20,000 of its SageVIEW Shelf-Edge electronic display solutions for its convenience store and retail customers.

According to Dickson, it’s especially important for retailers to recognize that the consumer journey is increasingly an integrated digital/physical path – and digital signage sits at the intersection of those two worlds.

“Today’s customers expect a holistic, engaging digital experience,” said Dickson, “one that is flexible and that can adapt and remain relevant over time. SageVIEW Shelf-edge Solutions aren’t just plug and play – they’re plug and maintain/sustain. This embodies SageNet’s services-driven ecosystem.”

The SageVIEW digital experience platform is backed by SageNet, which has more than 30 years of experience providing a broad range of managed network, digital signage and cybersecurity services to the convenience store and retail industry, from interactive digital experience initiatives to primary and back-up networks, merchant connectivity, and PCI compliant networks to customized networking technology solutions – all optimized to meet the needs of multi-site operations.

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About SageNet

SageNet is a leading managed services provider specializing in connectivity, digital signage and cybersecurity. The company connects, manages and protects technologies and devices across widely distributed enterprises. SageNet’s people, processes and technologies, coupled with its collaborative approach, empowers customers to achieve their core business objectives.

The company offers world-class service and support via its US-based 24/7/365 Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and Security Operations Centers (SOCs), geographically diverse teleports, a central National Logistics Center, multiple data centers, and a nationwide field service organization.

What makes SageNet unique is its Why: SageNet is passionate about Trusted Connections. This is a two-fold calling. First, the company creates trusted, reliable and secure technological connections for its customers. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, SageNet works tirelessly to build trusted human connections with its customers, partners and communities. The company believes that by creating, discovering and nurturing these trusted connections, SageNet enhances the world that connects us all.

With a three-decade track record in managed services, SageNet boasts a long-term customer base that includes the nation’s largest retail, financial, healthcare, utilities and energy organizations. SageNet manages communications for more than 220,000 endpoints. Headquartered in Tulsa, SageNet has regional offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

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