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Transportable & Mobile Satellite Services


SageNet offers a wide range of Communications-on-the-pause (COTM) or Satcom-on-the-move (SOTP) satellite equipment options that meet the varying operational requirements of public safety agencies, including fixed and transportable antennas, and field-proven and advanced VSAT technology platforms.

  • Our transportable flyaway antennas feature case-deployable auto-point antennas that can be operational in minutes.
  • Vehicle Mounted Antennas. Field-proven, rugged antennas can be mounted on vehicles of almost any size.
  • VSAT Platforms. We offer an array of modular, hardened rapidly-deployable two-way VSAT platforms that enable broadband IP access and multicasting. Ideal for rapid access to the Web, VoIP, enterprise connectivity and multimedia applications.


Communications on-the-move (COTM) or Satcom on-the-move (SOTM) enables highly mobile users such as the military, homeland security and public safety organizations to have access to mobile broadband connectivity, video and voice services for mission-critical communications. Specifically, it enables a vehicle equipped with a satellite antenna to establish communication with a satellite and maintain that communication while the vehicle is moving. Reliability, mobility, ubiquity and security are key elements of an SOTM solution for users who need communications across the battlefield, in the air, or on the sea.

To meet the COTM requirements of mission critical organizations (fast, flexible and secure), we offer its line of Raysat Antenna Systems low-profile, mobile satellite antennas. RaySat Antenna Systems re-conceptualized the design of the antenna by using low-profile and light-weight features in combination with technology that ensures fast, reliable and automatic antenna operation. With patented technology, its Ku band, 2-way, low-profile and compact satellite antennas bring reliable and cost-effective mobile satellite internet and broadband connectivity to fast-moving vehicles.