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SageNet-Optimized Networks for Finance & Insurance

The financial industry faces some of the most challenging networking requirements in the world. Banks and other institutions must ensure the security of their clients’ data; however they cannot do so at the expense of network performance or customer service. Our managed network services model combines reliability, network availability and security into a single fully-managed and constantly monitored platform. For thirty years we have been passionate about delivering optimal network functionality to our customers.

Managed Network Services for Secure Communications
From the rapidly accelerating growth in instantaneous services now expected by customers, to the increased regulatory mandates brought on by technology and the economic downturn, few industries have undergone more sweeping change faster than those involved in financial and insurance services. Today’s provider must deliver a broader range of services, quicker and more efficiently.

Primary and/or Back-up Financial Networks
As the financial services market becomes increasingly competitive, more and more financial and insurance services firms are relying on our Managed Network Services for faster, more cost-effective primary and/or back-up network strategies.

We evaluate the customer’s network and business requirements in relation to the primary network’s vulnerabilities and develops a secure, vendor-neutral approach that will deliver a network strategy that mitigates risk, provides the flexibility to adapt to changes and does so in a cost-efficient manner.

Technology-Neutral Advantage
From hardware to connectivity, our technology-neutral suite of Cable, EoC, DSL, T1, 4G, Satellite, MPLS and Wi-Fi solutions delivers the broadest, most reliable coverage and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Full Lifecycle Services
Our financial industry expertise features a comprehensive suite of full lifecycle solutions including network connectivity, security, implementation, support, on-site maintenance and repair.

24/7 Support
Your branch office is backed by state-of-the-art 24/7 Network Management and Operation Centers, with a nationwide service and support organization.

SageNet-Optimized networks deliver high-speed connectivity with all your widely-dispersed branches, securely and cost-effectively. Our full lifecycle network management services help you achieve and maintain the access and security needed for regulatory compliance, with the flexibility and affordability to compete in a dynamic marketplace.

To find out how our optimized Networks can deliver the speed, security, availability and control your organization demands, contact us for a Network Optimization Check-up today.