SageVIEW.fsx transforms the QSR digital experience. From the curb, to in-branch, to the ATMs to the drive-thru, SageVIEW.fsx ensures every customer touch-point is created with your user – and teams – in mind.

We’re humans. And our employees bank. We know the difficulties and we’ve not only experienced it first-hand as consumers, but have also found ways to help similarly sized financial institutions cope.

We know your financial institution faces its own unique challenges. Let’s explore a couple of our teams’ most Frequently Asked Questions.

As of late, my staff numbers have been a bit low. How can I provide a great in-branch experience when my customers face longer wait times?

Dynamic and engaging digital content at the curb can increase foot traffic, minimize the number of services that require human to human contact for completion, reduce banking confusion, and reduce perceived wait times. By shifting some of your branch traffic outdoors, you can provide efficient, meaningful interactions with your consumers without wearing thin your staff.

Filling out applications for our different services is one of the most time-consuming events at our branch. How can I expedite the process?

SageVIEW Inspire provides digital signage for your employees. With interactive screens in the back of house, you can provide training tips and guided instruction to your employees on how to most efficiently assist customers.

You can also utilize kiosks in-branch or at the curbside for customers to fill out applications. With a digital screen, you can pop up helpful content along the way such as information buttons or “sign here” tabs. By integrating with your external banking application, you even have the option to have guests start an application at home and finish only the sections they have questions on at location when your staff is available to assist.


How Do I Build Lasting Impressions with my Customers?

With digital content you can capture 400% more views than with static displays, boost brand awareness by up to 47.7%, and generate 32.8% in repeat business. The statistics show, digital signage works. IF you have the right content.