VSAT services optimized for mission-critical application environments, with some of the best SLAs in satellite communications

SageSATELLITE™ Services (formerly known as Spacenet Satellite Services) are designed to address the unique applications and operating environments of our clients. Whether your organization needs secure broadband networking, network backup, real-time video, or all three, we deliver the ideal satellite solution to meet your specific requirements. We offer our family of pre-packaged VSAT Services in addition to an array of customized networking options, including Private Satellite Network Services, Virtual Network Operator (VNO) Services, Shared Network Services, and Hybrid Satellite & Terrestrial Network Services.

SageNet VSAT services are optimized for the best performance for mission-critical application environments and offer some of the best SLAs in satellite communications, including the industry’s only “Minimum Assured Speed” guarantee, as well as 24 x 7 customer support and professional-grade installation and maintenance options. SageNet’s engineers are available to customize your VSAT network service to meet your requirements in a SageNet Private Network, VNO or Hybrid network service. Additionally, standard shared VSAT network offerings are available with defined SLAs from the SageNet Ku-Performance or Ku-Broadband Series services.

SageNet Ku-Performance Series and Ku-Broadband Series Shared Services

The SageNet-Ku Performance Series is available in Full-time and Business Continuity Plans and provides high-quality commercial grade converged communications. If your VSAT network traffic operates at lower traffic levels the more economical Ku-Broadband Series may be the right solution. Both options are supported by the same highly reliable SkyEdge II-c VSAT network platform. These shared network services are ideal for Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality and Financial Institutions, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Oilfield and Mining facilities and Emergency Vehicles.

Service features Include:

      • Wide range of data speeds and usage allotments
      • High Service Level Agreements (SLA)
      • Always-on, full time and part time usage plans
      • Full support for converged data, voice and video applications
      • Deployed in fixed or mobile antenna configuration
      • 24 x 7 US-based premium customer support

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