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Intelligent Managed Network Services Fuel Retailer’s Innovative SmartPay Program

Cumberland Farms


As one of the nation’s leading convenience and gasoline retailers, Cumberland Farms is recognized for innovation and for leveraging technology to help its customers save time and money. Founded in 1939, Cumberland Farms today operates more than 600 stores across 11 states. This highly successful family-owned business prides itself on envisioning new ways to provide the best possible products, at the best possible prices, with the best service.

As part of its ongoing customer service initiatives, Cumberland Farms recently launched its free SmartPay Check-Link payment program, which automatically saves users 10 cents on every gallon of gas they buy at Cumberland Farms after enrolling. SmartPay delivers technology that enables customers to automatically pay using the SmartPay app on their smartphone or via a SmartPay card.


From a customer’s perspective SmartPay is as simple as one-two-three: login, enter the pump number, and begin fueling. The price on the pump automatically drops 10 cents a gallon. At the end of the transaction, the app calculates the customer’s savings for both the single transaction and total savings over time for all SmartPay transactions. Customers can also use SmartPay Check-Link inside the store. The app places a barcode on the smartphone’s screen that is simply scanned at the register.

Behind the scenes, SmartPay’s enabling technology must perform equally flawlessly. This is where SageNet Managed Network Services are crucial. After all, the entire SmartPay system is entirely network-dependent. Should the network slow, or worse, be unavailable, SmartPay simply won’t work. To ensure network availability, Cumberland Farms relies on SageNet to provide each store’s primary and back-up high-speed, secure network connectivity.

The SageNet/Cumberland Farms network solution utilizes DSL services for primary network performance. In addition, a VSAT satellite overlay maintains business continuity at each site. SageNet‘s network management device monitors and manages connectivity. The SageNet approach provides a cost-effective, redundant communications network that supports advanced applications such as SmartPay, as well as more traditional requirements such as PCI compliance to POS and inventory tracking, as well as back-office applications.


The SageNet retail-optimized network provides Cumberland Farms distinct benefits:

  • Continuity of Operations – VSAT provides redundant, diverse & independent path.
  • Security – Broadband supports physical security, such as video surveillance. Satellite connectivity is inherently secure. SageNet has achieved Level I PCI compliance.
  • Bandwidth – Broadband connectivity robust enough to support SmartPay, as well as POS, inventory tracking, digital signage, and back-office applications.
  • Peace of Mind – SageNet offers nationwide service and support via its 24/7 Network Operations Center.

Offering customers a secure way to pay quickly while on-the-go, and better yet, to save money on gas, the SmartPay program exemplifies Cumberland Farms’ brand promise to make every day easier for its customers. The company’s selection of SageNet to provide its Managed Network Services is a powerful endorsement of SageNet’s passion for network technologies.



Cumberland Farms Logo


Cumberland Farms


Innovative SmartPay initiative requires high-speed, highly-secure communications from pump to register to payment processor... backed by ultimate network reliability


  • DSL primary network connectivity
  • VSAT satellite overlay to ensure business continuity at each site
  • SageNet network monitoring and management


  • Redundant communications network for ultimate reliability
  • Broadband connectivity supports SmartPay, POS, inventory tracking, digital signage, back-office apps
  • Secure and PCI compliant connectivity

From day one, SageNet has provided impeccable customer service that has never faltered. They’ve proactively anticipated changes in technology, offering creative solutions to address our unique needs. Their engineering team is the best, by far, that I have had the privilege to work with in my 32-year career!

Russ Gorman

Senior Project Lead / Bozzuto's Inc

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