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SageNet’s SageVIEW™ Platform Breathes New Life into Credit Union’s Legacy Digital Signage Network

March 19, 2019

TULSA, Okla.  – SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed network services, Digital Signage and cybersecurity solutions provider, recently partnered with Tulsa Federal Credit Union (TulsaFCU) to perform a digital signage conversion at all of its locations. The conversion reinvigorates TulsaFCU’s signage initiative and adds real-time monitoring to the organization’s digital signage program.

TulsaFCU is a federally-chartered credit union founded in 1943. The financial institution has over 65,000 members, more than $780 million in assets, and 15 locally convenient branches. TulsaFCU strives to serve and enrich the lives of others by offering tailored financial solutions, engaging with its members, inspiring the community and investing in its employees. Membership with ​TulsaFCU is open to anyone who lives, works, goes to school, or worships in Tulsa, Cherokee, Creek, Okmulgee, Osage, Mayes, Muskogee, Pawnee, Rogers, Washington, or Wagoner county.

Like many early adopters of digital signage, TulsaFCU began to experience software and hardware issues shortly after the launch of their legacy digital signage network. Over time these challenges grew to become unmanageable, resulting in an increasing number of blank digital signage screens throughout TulsaFCU’s branches. When TulsaFCU attempted to resolve these issues, they found their original digital signage vendor did not offer the post-launch support they required. Seeking an unbiased assessment of the system, TulsaFCU contacted SageNet’s digital signage team.

SageNet investigated and quickly determined the problem was not with the screens but rather with the media players that controlled the displays. By replacing the media players with professional grade hardware, SageNet was able to cost-effectively resurrect TulsaFCU’s entire signage network without replacing the large flat-screen displays. In addition, SageNet deployed its SageVIEW™ enterprise-level hardware/software/support platform to stabilize the entire digital signage network.

“This is a fairly common problem confronting early-adopters,” said IV Dickson, SageNet’s Director of Digital Signage. “Pioneers often lead the way in experiencing technology’s growing pains. For TulsaFCU, these pains manifested themselves as blank digital signage screens at a majority of their locations, a lack of support, and a talented IT team stretched thin just keeping up with other technologies.”

Beyond replacing the media players, SageNet also moved TulsaFCU to a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that provides greater ease of use and monitoring. According to Dickson, the new CMS provides TulsaFCU greatly extended capabilities and functionality for presenting dynamic financial data such as personal loan rates and mortgage interest rates.

“This information is highly regulated, and rates fluctuate throughout the day, so it’s important to have the ability to present the latest information to customers,” said Dickson. “This new content management system can now automatically refresh and display the most current rates for TulsaFCU customers every 15 minutes.”

“SageNet was simply a game-changer,” said Eric Hilarie, TulsaFCU’s senior vice president and chief retail officer. “As a credit union, we are member-owned and take all investments seriously. We had invested a relatively significant amount of resources in our digital signage system, and it appeared to be languishing. SageNet worked with our IT team to cost-effectively revive the system while making it easier to use and more robust in the process. Our signage program now works as originally intended, providing another great tool to enhance the member experience within each of our branches.”

To more easily monitor, manage and maintain their Digital Signage Network, TulsaFCU opted for added support through SageNet’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). SageNet operates three U.S.-based Network and Security Operations Centers, as well as on-site technician support available to all of its customers.

SageNet’s SageVIEW digital signage solution has already paid dividends to TulsaFCU. Through its 24/7 monitoring, SageNet was most recently able to detect that a physical change had been made in a firewall configuration and informed TulsaFCU’s IT team a machine was not operating correctly.

“By updating TulsaFCU’s technology, SageNet was able to take something that appeared to be end-of-life and cost-effectively make it productive for the brand again,” added SageNet CEO Daryl Woodard. “This is a SageNet strength. Technology is constantly evolving. Our role as a managed services partner is to help our clients adopt technologies that help them achieve their missions. And to help them adapt as technologies or their businesses change. It’s all about leveraging technology in support of the organization’s operations.”

In addition to providing end-to-end digital signage solutions, SageNet has more than 30 years of experience providing a broad range of managed network services to large, multi-site organizations nationwide, from primary and back-up networks to cybersecurity to 24/7 monitoring, service and support.

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SageNet is passionate about trusted connections. The company believes that by creating, discovering and nurturing trusted connections with its customers, associates and community, SageNet enhances the world that connects us all.

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With a three-decade track record in managed services, SageNet boasts a long-term customer base that includes the nation’s largest retail, healthcare, financial, utilities and energy organizations. SageNet manages communications at more than 220,000 endpoints. Headquartered in Tulsa, SageNet has regional offices in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

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