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SageNet Names Durga Gandi as New Chief Information Officer

February 13, 2024

TULSA, Okla. – Feb. 13, 2024 – SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed digital experience and network services provider, has named Durga Gandi as its new Chief Information Officer (CIO).

With a 20-year career spanning consulting, product development, healthcare, manufacturing and nonprofit sectors, Gandi is recognized as a driving force in technology. As SageNet’s incoming CIO, Gandi will focus on enhancing performance through innovative and strategic technology implementation.

“I am thrilled to welcome Durga to our executive team,” said SageNet CEO Brad Wise. “Her forward-thinking approach to technology and proven leadership in driving innovation align perfectly with SageNet’s strategic goals. We are confident that with her expertise, our technology and systems initiatives will thrive, keeping us at the forefront of our industry.”

In her role as Vice President of IT Operations and Technology Solutions at the American College of Radiology, Gandi managed a team of 250 IT professionals, steering transformative technological initiatives. Her strategic alignment of IT objectives with organizational goals included overseeing a comprehensive range of custom and SaaS applications. Gandi’s leadership in overhauling systems across 20,000 radiology sites was marked by a focus on data-driven enhancements and pioneering AI technologies. This included initiating an AI marketplace in radiology. Her efforts in advancing data analytics and machine learning played a crucial role in enhancing clinical research support, ensuring compliance and boosting customer engagement, thereby demonstrating her profound impact in leveraging technology for substantial business transformations.

“At SageNet, we’re empowering our customers to embrace the phygital environment – the confluence of the physical and digital worlds – and all of this is driven through a focus on digital experience and a fabric of fast, secure, always-on connectivity,” said Gandi. “It’s crucial to listen to the market and evolve proactively, to continue accelerating SageNet into the future of tech and the next big innovation.”

Gandi said that making sure SageNet is at the cutting edge of the latest security developments will be a key priority, as well as utilizing AI and intelligent systems to transform the customer experience and provide better service to customers.

“Managed Services can, at times, be perceived as dull or routine. SageNet is anything but. Our ‘secret sauce’ is a unique mixture of deep vertical market experience, industry-leading support and an entrepreneurial mindset. That involves using things like AI to better understand and capitalize on data and proactively providing our customers insights and thought leadership as a value-added service.”

In addition to her work as a technology executive, Gandi is also founder of ADE, a volunteer community of career-minded women, stay-at-home moms and single women across the United States that is focused on improving their financial literacy, closing the gender gap and breaking the glass ceiling.

“It’s an exciting time to be a CIO. Technology has become everybody’s business – every company is now a technology company. Customer focus is huge for SageNet, and we intend to stay on the cutting edge of technology as we transform the managed services industry. I’m excited to be part of it.”

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About SageNet
SageNet is a leading managed services provider specializing in connectivity, digital signage and cybersecurity. The company connects, manages and protects technologies and devices across widely distributed enterprises. SageNet’s people, processes and technologies, coupled with its collaborative approach, empower customers to achieve their core business objectives.

The company offers world-class service and support via its US-based 24/7/365 Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and Security Operations Centers (SOCs), geographically diverse teleports, a central National Logistics Center, multiple data centers, and a nationwide field service organization.

What makes SageNet unique is its Why: SageNet is passionate about Trusted Connections. This is a two-fold calling. First, the company creates trusted, reliable and secure technological connections for its customers. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, SageNet works tirelessly to build trusted human connections with its customers, partners and communities. The company believes that by creating, discovering and nurturing these trusted connections, SageNet enhances the world that connects us all.

With a three-decade track record in managed services, SageNet boasts a long-term customer base that includes the nation’s largest retail, financial, healthcare, utilities and energy organizations. SageNet manages communications for more than 430,000 endpoints. Headquartered in Tulsa, SageNet has regional offices in Atlanta, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.

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