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How to Move from a Fragmented Security Environment to an Integrated Approach

December 2020
Sagenet Blog Security Complexity
By Neil Christie

For many organizations, cybersecurity has become a game of whack-a-mole. Security tools are implemented in response to specific threats, often without an overarching strategy. This piecemeal approach makes the environment difficult to manage and leaves gaps that increase risk. Multiple tools generate so many alerts that IT teams struggle to identify and prioritize the most serious threats.

Organizations should conduct a thorough assessment of their environment to identify gaps, then implement integrated tools that address the most serious threats. Security information and event management (SIEM) platforms, along with advanced technologies such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, can provide greater visibility across the environment, while periodic vulnerability scans and penetration tests can ensure that the security infrastructure continues to provide adequate protection.

Complexity and Costs

According to a new survey of cybersecurity and IT professionals conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 78 percent of organizations use more than 50 discrete cybersecurity products, with 37 percent using more than 100. These tools are often misconfigured, with over-privileged accounts and over-exposed workloads.

The growing adoption of hybrid- and multi-cloud environments is driving the adoption of additional security controls, further increasing complexity. According to 78 percent of survey respondents, on-premises and cloud platforms have environmental differences that require distinct security policies and processes.

A fragmented security environment increases costs, in terms of infrastructure investments, software licenses and administrative overhead. This factor is driving some organizations to consolidate their security tools as part of the refresh process. In the ESG survey, 80 percent of respondents said they’re looking to buy most of their security tools from a single vendor in a platform approach.

They’re also looking to take advantage of “smarter,” more automated tools. For 87 percent of organizations, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are either the No. 1 requirement or a must-have feature for all new security tools under consideration.

SageNet’s Cybersecurity Services

SageNet offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services to help you move from a fragmented security environment to an integrated approach. Our consulting services include security program assessments against PCI DSS, ISO and NIST standards, and vulnerability testing to help you better understand your most significant threats. Once we gain an understanding of your existing environment, we can then help you select, procure and implement best-of-breed tools in a layered security approach.

Our managed services include SIEM-as-a-Service — a hosted SIEM platform augmented by our custom PCI DSS, NIST and ISO-based alerts with ongoing tuning. Our SOC-as-a-Service solution combines SIEM-as-a-Service with our 24×7 security operations center services and security event monitoring and investigation. We also provide ongoing managed vulnerability scanning and managed firewalls.


It’s all too easy to implement security controls piecemeal, as new threats emerge. Trouble is, a security environment comprising dozens of points solutions is difficult to manage and costly to maintain, and does not provide the visibility and coverage you need to fully protect your environment. Your IT team is forced to take “whacks” at individual threats.

In order to develop a comprehensive security strategy, you need a thorough assessment of your environment and internal and external scans and penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities. SageNet can assist you through this process and provide best-of-breed technologies, expert services and fully managed solutions that enhance your security posture.

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