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Digital Signage Simplified

SageNet Digital Signage Solutions, provide dynamic, interactive displays that deliver powerful, engaging messages, creating much more impact than static, printed signs. From retail stores and restaurants to financial institutions and healthcare facilities, many multi-site businesses are using digital signage to boost sales and improve the customer experience.

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Digital Signage Overview

Digital signage is an electronic display that features high-definition video and audio played on flat-panel LED, LCD or plasma monitors. Special software is used to control the messaging, which can be updated as frequently as needed and customized according to location, time of day and other criteria.

Digital signage is most commonly used to advertise products and services and provide information that might help customers with their purchasing decisions. Digital signage also displays schedules and other information, guides people through a store or office, and communicates with employees via corporate messaging. It can also be used to entertain customers with integrated real-time updates of news, weather, financial markets, sports or entertainment – without competitor advertising.

Implementing a digital signage solution involves much more than setting up monitors throughout your facility, connecting them to a media player, and hitting “play.”

The Benefits of a Digital Signage Solution

Hyper-targeted messaging with customized, relevant content
Attractive, appealing and influential advertising
Fast and easy content updates
Measurable performance tracking
Increased brand awareness
Elimination of design and printing costs related to traditional signs 

Our Digital Signage Solutions

We have more than 25 years of experience implementing systems and displays across enterprise networks. We leverage this experience and our technical resources to design, deploy, monitor and support multi-site digital signage solutions. Our services include: 

On-site Installation
Data Network Provisioning
Help Desk Services
24x7x365 Remote Monitoring
Nationwide Break/Fix Maintenance

Whether at the pump, on the aisle and at the counter, find out how our Digital Signage Solutions can help transform your store into a multi-media sales environment. Request a no-obligation consultation here, or call 1-866-480-2263.

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