Management, Monitoring and Maintenance

Transforming the Digital Experience from both sides of the screen

SageVIEW™ simply begins with the end in mind, then addresses each phase of the digital signage ecosystem – and lifecycle – to achieve the network operator’s goals. SageVIEW focuses on a digital experience that’s engaging but also affordable, sustainable and maintainable. From integration and deployment to connectivity and content management, from 24/7 monitoring to maintenance and field support, the SageVIEW platform frees the operator to focus on the viewer’s experience while we take care of the nuts and bolts that make the signage network work.

Our Help Desk provides 24/7/365 monitoring from fully-redundant Network Operations Centers, including comprehensive network management as well as monitoring of Digital Media Players (DMP) and displays to provide detailed device management, screen diagnostics and alerts. Our NOCs deliver the support needed to cover every contingency, including troubleshooting, site-level support to non-technical staff, and nationwide break /fix maintenance and field support.

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The Critical Need for Maintenance

Without proper maintenance, your digital signage equipment will not perform up to expectations and you won’t see a return on your investment. Blank screens, the wrong content or garbled images will have a negative impact on your brand and the customer experience.

Digital signs are exposed to some pretty harsh conditions. They are set up in high-traffic environments where they can be accidentally (or intentionally) damaged by passersby. Indoor displays may be exposed to sunlight, extremes of temperature, dust and moisture that cause them to fail. Outdoor displays are better equipped to survive those kinds of conditions but their performance may be impaired over time.

Skilled personnel must be available to monitor displays and media players around the clock, regularly inspect and clean equipment, and troubleshoot any problems that arise. And few organizations have the staff resources needed to properly maintain the digital signage environment. That’s why it makes sense to partner with a technology provider that delivers full-lifecycle services.

SageNet’s fully managed, turnkey approach to digital signage features 24×7 help desk support and comprehensive maintenance, including:

    • Monitoring of displays, media players and the network
    • Detailed device management, screen diagnostics and alerts
    • Troubleshooting and site-level support for non-technical staff
    • Nationwide break/fix maintenance and field support

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