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Design - Deploy - Manage - Maintain

Our teams want to make your digital signage experience seamless. Our teams are at your SERVICE ready to strategize and execute on a plan that works for you and your customers.

SageVIEW Services™ are the core of our digital ecosystem, and what truly differentiates SageVIEW from traditional hardware or software-driven approaches.

  • SageVIEW Professional Services are centered in the National Logistic Center and strategically drive your solution to Day 1. These services include Design, Configuration, Test and Turn-up, and Installation services.
  • SageVIEW Managed Services ensure a sustainable, scalable digital experience to Day 1000 and beyond. Spearheaded from our three, 24/7 Network Operations Centers, our Managed Services include management, monitoring, maintenance, field support, analytics and optimization of any deployed solution.

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SageVIEW Services make sure that all of the hardware and software for your digital signage ecosystem are properly kitted, delivered, installed, and then monitored and maintained.

With our professional services, we’ll make sure that all of your hardware is set up properly with the right software. This includes design of the solution, configuration of your CMS, Test & Turn Up, and then installation.

With our centrally-located National Logistics Center clocking in at 16,000 sq ft of warehouse space, we have the means to make sure that your tech is plug & play ready upon arrival to your locations – regardless if that’s one screen, or one thousand.

Then, once we’ve got your location set up (with screens & content) we’ll make sure your location stays up.

With our managed services offering, we use our three, 24/7/365 Network Operations Centers to ensure nothing goes bump in the night (or middle of the day). If a screen goes dark, or you lose connection, our team will troubleshoot and fix the problem. Sometimes before you’re your own teams have noticed. We will manage content loads, monitoring of the devices, and provide maintenance and field support, should it become necessary.

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