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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital Solves Backup Challenges

Oklahoma Surgical Hospital


Oklahoma Surgical Hospital (OSH), founded in 2001, brought together physicians with a passion for bringing the closest possible care to their surgical patients. Taking residency in the Oral Robert’s CityPlex Towers, OHS offers a variety of patient services for surgical procedures with 20 operating rooms and employing over 500 healthcare workers.


Oklahoma Surgical Hospital’s system was running out of space on their storage array, without the budget to expand it. Simultaneously, they also needed to renew their already budgeted for backup software. Along with possibly renewing their installed backup solution strategy, they also needed to address the requirement for file level restore.


Bringing together a team of SageNet, HPE and Veeam solution architects, working closely with OSH’s IT Director Richard Flewellen, a solution to address the multiple problems and fit within their budget constraints was achieved.

Using HPE’s Apollo Storage System, together with Veeam Backup & Replication, SageNet helped change their backup strategy to write only the changed blocks, while compressing the data stored, in addition to providing a new storage location for the backups. Installing the new backup software, as well as the HPE Apollo Storage System, SageNet provided a lighter, faster and more intelligent storage and backup solution to OSH, within the budget constraints.


By restructuring the backup strategy onto a new storage array, SageNet was able to not only provide more storage space, but also a better storage system. This in turn freed-up space on their existing SAN and thus improved their storage capacity 10 times over. By switching OHS to a Veeam solution, SageNet was also able to reduce network load, while increasing accessibility of their data.

Additionally, with the new storage location on the HPE Apollo Storage System, SageNet created a new offsite storage location which increased the security of data from physical dangers. Working closely with the customer and manufacturer, SageNet provided a solution to address data copying, separation of media, and adding a new offsite location for storage. All while staying within the original budget to renew licensing for their original backup solution.


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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital


Hospital system running out of storage space on their storage array. Also had requirement for file level restore. All without the budget for additional capabilities.


  • SageNet deployed HPE’s Apollo Storage System with Veeam Backup & Replication
  • New backup strategy writes only the changed blocks and compresses stored data


  • Lighter, faster and more intelligent storage and backup solution
  • Reduced network load while increasing data accessibility
  • Greater capabilities within existing budget

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