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Spacenet Satellite Services™

SageNet's Spacenet Satellite Services™are designed to address the unique applications and operating environments of our clients. Whether your organization needs emergency communications, continuity of operations, carrier-class telephone service, secure broadband networking, real-time video, or all of the above, we deliver the ideal combination of satellite and terrestrial technology to meet your specific requirements.

This ability to make technology meet your needs is why some of the largest networks in the world were entrusted to us. Whether you need to deliver a communications solution to a single manned remote site, first responders in the field, unmanned M2M communications, or across a 10,000 store network, our high performance satellite solutions will make your network easier to manage, more efficient, and more reliable.

We deliver a complete portfolio of high-performance networking services, employing the latest in satellite (ka-band, ku-band or BGAN), wireline, and wireless technologies. Wide area networking solutions are available as either a custom developed private network or our pre-packaged commercial-grade Spacenet Satellite Services.

VSAT | BGAN | Emergency Communications Services

Custom Private Networks - Our Private and Virtual Private Networks offer a fully customized service including dedicated bandwidth and, in some cases, dedicated teleport or satellite Hub equipment.  Our Custom Private Networks provide the ultimate in wide area networking security and customization. 

Custom Hybrid Networks - Combining the best of satellite and common carrier technologies, Our Hybrid Networks leverage the strengths of various last mile technologies into a unified network architecture to deliver an optimal balance of price and performance and network availability.  Our hybrid solutions integrate DSL, cable, private line, fixed wireless, and satellite technologies into a single contiguous network. Our streamlines the procurement, integration, and management of the client’s network by serving as a ”one stop shop” provider for all last mile connections – terrestrial, wireless, and VSAT.