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Pay-As-You-Use Emergency Communications Services

To help ensure organizations of all sizes balance the “possible” need for emergency connectivity with the certainty of budget constraints, SageNet developed Spacenet Satellite Services' Emergency Communications Service (ECS) suite, available on a “pay-as-you-use” basis. Powered by the field-proven SkyEdge® II VSAT technology, ECS offers affordable satellite-based emergency connectivity, up to 3Mbps, with low contention ratios and high SLAs. Our three ECS packages allow users to select the service that best meets their specific bandwidth, budgetary and mission requirements:

Spacenet-ECS is a dedicated service that includes a fixed Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) standby service component and high data rate broadband service on an occasional use basis, charged in 24-hour increments.

  • Spacenet-ECSFlex is an always-on, part-time usage service where higher cost daily usage services are not required. Spacenet-ECSFlex is a shared service that is subscribed monthly.

    Download the Spacenet-ECSFlex Data Sheet Here

  • Spacenet-ECSConnect eliminates CapEx equipment requirements by combining weekly unlimited or per GB usage plans with pre-configured flyaway VSAT systems available on a short-term rental basis.

    Download the Spacenet-ECSConnect Data Sheet Here