John Meek Portrait

John Meek

Chief Operating Officer

"I’m accustomed to looking at a system and all its working parts, and using that observation to see potential impacts from one layer to another, or one project to another."

John Meek is SageNet’s Chief Operating Officer. John joined SageNet in 2017, and previously served as the company’s Vice President, Project Management Office. In his role as COO he is responsible for operationalizing the organization’s mission and vision, with responsibility for the company’s daily administration and operations.

John is a multi-discipline technology professional, with strengths in strategic thinking and tailoring operational processes to deliver a superior customer experience. His business acumen has led to experience across a variety of fields and services, making him a leader on many fronts and able to identify opportunities to move forward in a changing marketplace.

Prior to joining SageNet, John held leadership positions in start-ups and major corporations where he has been recognized for his strong managerial and analytical leadership approach.

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