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Adam Shilling

Managing Director, SageVIEW Experience Labs

"Our primary focus is on trying to open up our customers’ minds to what Digital Signage means or can be for them. It’s not just always about installing a screen or player and running a message on display – it’s about creating a whole new experience for them and their customers."

Adam Shilling has spent more than 20 years as a designer, creative director, and thought leader in the field of Digital Signage, working to raise awareness of the technology and stretching the boundaries of how companies can use it to better communicate with customers and employees.

 Previous Experience:

Digital Signage Creative Division, Convergent

  • Adam spent 20 years at Convergent, an international digital signage provider acquired by SageNet in 2021, working as a designer, art director, creative director and then group leader. In these various roles, he played an integral role in pushing the boundaries of how design, technology and content was used to create in-store digital experiences for companies and their customers.

Topics Adam can speak on:

  • Experience design
  • Creative production
  • Design thinking and design systems
  • Operational efficiency from a design organization perspective

Additional Expertise:

  • With a background in multiple design disciplines (print design, web development/design and broadcast) and a mastery in digital signage design and content, Adam has a keen understanding of both the creative and technology applications of digital signage
  • Adam has been a speaker at numerous industry conferences and featured in industry publications regarding the topic of digital signage and design

To Contact:

Direct: 770-369-9575




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