Digital Signage to Bring Passersby In

Outdoors, our solution lets you adapt with your shoppers’ changing buying habits. SageVIEW IMPACT helps you increase basket-size, drive customers inside, and communicate clearly and safely in changing times.
It can mean screens at your gas pump, encouraging shoppers to come inside for food or a beverage, or even advertising screens in the drive thru line before your customers have to order. Drive-thru sales count for as much as 70% of a QSR’s revenue. With a number that high, you want to make sure you’re tapped in. The use of digital signage can upsell high margin items like beverages.
On average, 20% of drive thru customers buy a drink with their food. With signage, that can increase to 40%, causing an overall increase in sales up to 7%. You can increase basket sizes before your customers have decided what the remainder of their baskets look like. Because yes, they will have fries, and a soda, with that.
SageVIEW Impact outdoor helps retailers take advantage of state-of-the-art displays that are bright, rugged, and intelligent, along with new cabling standards that simplify implementation.
We can help your location build bigger baskets with any of the following types of outdoor signage:
  • Drive-thru; menu screens that, with the right content, can also become billboards
  • Pre-board; smaller signs before ordering to let your consumers know about your LTOs, increasing basket sizes
  • Pump-side; screens inlayed at the pump to captivate an audience
  • Curbside; directional or informative signage located in a parking lot or out-front of your location to keep up with changing consumer habits


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