Menu Boards

Digital Signage That Builds Bigger Baskets

SageVIEW Impact digital menu boards can drastically decrease wait times and increase basket sizes, change items-based on availability or time of day.
Want to push coffee in the morning? Sandwiches at lunch? Pretzels in the afternoon? With dayparting, these content switches are not only possible, but made simple. Automatically swap out content, depending on time of day, with a simple click in your Content Management System. With digital menus vs. traditional print, you can:
  • Save money on printing costs (up to $30,000 in printing costs per year per location while eliminating the labor expenses associated with updating traditional menu)
  • Increase the average value of orders by 2.5 percent, and the conversion rate on promotional items by 2 percent
  • Increase overall traffic volumes by 9.1 percent
  • Decrease drive-thru wait times by 5.75 percent through greater efficiency
SageVIEW Impact dynamic menu boards incorporated on digital kiosks provide your customers even more flexibility, and by serving up promotions while they’re ordering, can increase basket sizes even further.
With self-order kiosks, you can:
  • minimize person-to-person contact,
  • avoid long lines/wait times
  • and with over 65% of consumers saying they would visit more often if kiosks were offered, increase consumer satisfaction.
Meet your customers where they are and make an impact.

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