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Congrats! You got your customers to come in, now is the time and this is the place to upsell, cross-sell, build loyalty and showcase the total brand experience. With SageVIEW Impact you can make updates to promotions with just a click.
Interested in an LTO on coffee from 6-8 am? Schedule your BOGO bagels at the same time. Quickly switch between promotional offers on any goods, at any time. SageVIEW Impact In-store helps you welcome customers to the store, showcase your brand voice, and highlight the deals and LTOs that keep them coming back. Loyal customers will drive and spend a bit more to buy from a brand they love.
In-store, our SageVIEW IMPACT solution could mean digital content on an array of screens in various locations, including:
  • On Counters
  • Inlayed at Coolers/Refrigerators
  • Along the Shelf Edge
  • In store Windows, or even
  • Hung from a Ceiling


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