Transforming the C-store Digital Experience

SageVIEW.csx™, is a holistic digital signage platform designed to enhance the digital signage experience in today’s dynamic C-store environment. SageVIEW.csx represents a unique approach to the digital experience. Combining decades of leadership in digital signage and network connectivity with deep vertical market expertise, SageNet has engineered an end-to-end approach to the digital touchpoints throughout the C-store ecosystem.

What distinguishes SageVIEW from other digital signage offerings is its emphasis on enhancing the digital experience from both sides of the screen: the consumer-facing digital experience and the network operator’s experience. This two-pronged approach helps increase consumer engagement while simultaneously eliminating the headaches associated with deploying and maintaining a sustainable digital signage initiative.

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SageVIEW.csx is already deployed in thousands of C-stores across the U.S., creating a unique digital signage experience from the front door to order kiosk, checkout to drive-thru. SageVIEW.csx provides C-store operators:

    • Unified digital theme and experience throughout all aspects of the store’s interior and exterior
    • Strategic approach to creating a true digital signage experience for customers
    • Updated system architecture to support expanded, state-of-the-art digital signage system
    • Turnkey solution for equipment sourcing, installation and content creation
    • Monitoring of network as well as digital signage
    • Single source coordination of all network and digital signage details


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