Managed Detection & Response, SIEM, 24×7 SOC Services

Bundled security intelligence services and solutions to combat today's cyber-risks

Effective security operations are critical for the health and longevity
of any organization, yet many organizations struggle in this area. Whether
there is a lack of resources and budget to monitor and investigate around
the clock, or a lack of skilled technical talent to understand large volumes
of security data, it is very common for organizations to be challenged
with a healthy security event monitoring solution. SageNet has listened
to our customers’ feedback and built a solution and service that delivers
real value.

Managed Detection & Response

Legacy Endpoint Protection is no longer sufficient.  Antiquated technology leaves endpoints vulnerable to modern attack methods and ransomware.  It’s been proven over and over that exposed endpoints can cripple a business causing significant financial loss and productivity.

Therefore, it is absolutely critical to be on your game when it comes to securing the endpoint.  Where you may have a gap, SageNet has an answer. Through our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services, we bring to life the ability to enforce and monitor endpoint security across your environment.

Threat detection, deep analysis & insight, actions of triage, quarantine, mitigation, and rollback are all services that SageNet provides 24×7. Let us help you retire your legacy antivirus and step into modern Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) technology while the SageNet SOC provides the supporting services for your environment.

MDR is where your endpoint security strategy needs to be.  We can help.


Features & Benefits

      • 24/7 Managed Security Event Monitoring & Response Service
      • Staffed by Certified Security Analysts
      • Automated Machine learning SIEM platforms
      • Enables rapid identification of anomalous or potentially malicious activity
      • Facilitates containment, remediation and mitigates risk




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