Captive Portal

Putting Guest Wi-Fi to Work for Your Customers, and You

A guest wireless network enables retailers to meet customer expectations for free, reliable Internet access while protecting business applications and data on the corporate network. However, guest Wi-Fi can be more than just a convenience for customers — it can enable retailers to target customers with tailored promotional/marketing messaging and gather data that provides insight into customer demographics and behavior.
The captive portal which customers use to access the guest Wi-Fi network can help retailers identify high-value customers through their network usage patterns and manage network traffic to optimize the user experience. It can also display targeted messaging and help drive marketing campaigns during certain times or to specific locations.

Your Wi-Fi Window Display

The captive portal can do much more than simply enable guest access. The landing page can be customized with the retailer’s branding and even display advertisements and other promotional messaging. When the portal is integrated with the retailer’s content management platform, the portal can even vary the messaging based upon location, time of day, and other criteria.

More importantly, the portal can capture data on how long and how often a guest stays logged onto the network, enabling the retailer to identify high-value and repeat customers. This segmentation can be used to provide marketing teams with the necessary prompt to promote loyalty programs or current sales promotions which may provide appealing incentives to the customer. IT teams can also use this segmentation data to give loyalty members “premium” access with greater bandwidth or extended usage time.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

In addition, loyalty programs can also simplify wireless onboarding by providing a seamless experience to customers who may roam between different brick-and-mortar locations under the brand or parent brands after their initial login session. In turn, the network recognizes the loyalty member’s device as it enters a location and automatically grants them access to the Wi-Fi and any available loyalty perks; all without having to log back in through the portal as they would in the pleasure of their own home.

If guests log in through social media or an email address associated with a loyalty program, the captive portal can provide statistics on the customer’s gender, age, interests and other demographic information. This data can be used to drive opt-in email, text messaging or social media campaigns. The captive portal can also be integrated with loyalty programs for the delivery of customized content and services to customers while
they’re in the store.

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