A revolutionary network architecture offering greater flexibility and efficiency over a traditional WAN approach

For widely distributed multi-site organizations, SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) architecture can offer greater flexibility and efficiency over a traditional WAN approach. SD-WAN solutions can recognize applications by business criticality and assign different routing priorities accordingly. This application-level visibility and utilization allows network managers to allocate WAN resources based on business importance rather than bandwidth appetite. Features include:
  • Next-gen Managed Firewall and UTM Services
  • Active/Standby or Active/Active Dual Circuit Broadband
  • Optional Tertiary Cellular or VSAT
  • Application Priority via QoS or Application Optimization
  • Optional Session-based Survival


SageCONNECT.SD™ delivers the network flexibility, efficiency, availability and security multi-site organizations require along with 24/7 monitoring and support. SageCONNECT.SD brings clarity to SD-WAN by providing customers an a la carte suite of offerings packaged according to their customer’s needs.

    • Automated Path Intelligence. Application awareness enables prioritized application routing across network bandwidth based on the specific application and user.
    • WAN Overlay. Responsive overlay VPN capabilities enable a better overall WAN experience for branch users.
    • Link Selection. Multi-path technology can automatically select the best available link when the primary WAN path degrades.
    • WAN Path Remediation. WAN path remediation utilizes forward error correction to enhance data reliability and user experience for applications like voice and video services.
    • Tunnel Bandwidth Aggregation. Per-packet load balancing and delivery combining two overlay tunnels to maximize network capacity.
    • Zero-Touch Deployment. Remote site NGFWs arrive unconfigured then automatically connect to the cloud for authentication and configuration.
    • Visibility Platform. Centralized visibility of all deployed SageCONNECT.SD-enabled NGFWs across the distributed organization.
    • Best-of-Breed NGFW with UTM. State-of-the-art firewall including complete threat protection, antivirus, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and application control.

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