Six Paradigms, Six Tech Tools for the Next Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to adapt their operations on the fly and compress many years’ worth of technological changes into a few months. The retail sector has been especially challenged to deliver services profitably and efficiently while meeting government mandates and addressing consumers’ health and safety concerns.

Business executives have had to reshuffle priorities and come up with solutions to problems they never anticipated. They’re also recognizing that changes in customer behavior will persist long after the pandemic has abated, requiring long-term restructuring of operational models.

Although the pandemic has impacted each organization in unique ways, SageNet has identified six common paradigm shifts across all multisite retail, convenience store and quick-service restaurant customers:

  1. Ensuring health and safety is the primary driver behind business decisions.
  2. Unprecedented financial uncertainty must be addressed creatively.
  3. Technological change continues to accelerate.
  4. Throw out all the old rule books. Agility and adaptability are the name of the game.
  5. The ability to transform operations depends upon technology.
  6. Partnering with a trusted advisor is essential to success.

What hasn’t changed are the fundamental business objectives of retailers — profitably delivering quality products with high levels of customer service to attract and retain loyal customers. However, organizations must leverage the latest technologies in new ways in order to achieve those objectives.

In particular, six technology tools can help multisite retailers weather today’s challenges and forge a successful path forward:

  1. Popup connectivity
  2. Extended Wi-Fi
  3. Integrated digital signage
  4. Expanded cybersecurity
  5. Actionable analytics
  6. Managed network services

This whitepaper will explain how these six technologies can help retailers, convenience stores and restaurants address the new paradigms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download Our Six Paradigms White Paper


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