Your retail environment is complex. Whether you’re selling clothes, or electronics, food or some combination, understanding your customers (current and potential) is challenging. With SageNet’s Retail-Ready platform, you can not only understand the needs and wants of your customers, but break through the noise to be their preferred choice.

With an overall increase in sales by 8%, signage can make a big difference for your store. And we can bring you the systems integration expertise, highly qualified technical resources, and depth of experience in Managed Network Services to design, install, and monitor it all.
Digital signage connects shoppers to your brand, creates a lasting impression and keeps you ahead of the competition.

For many shoppers, buying online brings with it the ease of increased information. There’s a plethora of reviews, quick access to comparable products, and no need to interact with anyone face to face.

So, in order to bring your customers in-store, you have to make their shopping experience even more seamless with the power of phygital.

With interactive, touch screen digital signage, your customers can get all of the information they need right at their fingertips. With the right tools, you can enhance the experience even more. Think: video screens that can show your customer in an outfit the pick up off the rack. This combines the best of in-store shopping with place-based digital interactivity.