For today’s restaurant chain, digital experiences reign king. And when digital and physical worlds merge together, they create an entirely new in-restaurant journey that enables your customers to engage with your brand on multiple levels.
The latest technology includes:
  • Dynamic menu boards
  • Mobile device contactless engagement
  • Streamlining, simplifying, and amplifying order pick-up
To achieve a truly consistent, frictionless customer experience, siloed systems need to be replaced with integrated solutions that create the seamless experience patrons expect. SageNet’s Restaurant-Ready integrated solution provides fast-casual and QSR operations with an intelligent, scalable approach to connectivity across hundreds or even thousands of locations.
By integrating vital in-store services, SageNet’s Restaurant-Ready platform helps eliminate the headaches associated with opening locations, launching next-gen establishments and introducing new applications and services. The Restaurant-Ready suite of services includes:
  • Managed firewalls
  • SIEM and SOC services
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Digital signage
  • Data analytics

With 30+ years of supporting some of the nation’s leading restaurant chains, SageNet understands the need for a better customer experience and increased sales. Our subject matter experts will be on-hand to discuss our full line of managed network, digital signage, and cybersecurity solutions for multi-unit restaurants. Learn how our integrated, scalable solutions simplify technology across hundreds or even thousands of locations.

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