Restauranteurs face unique challenges. For example, how can I get people to buy & try more of my food? How do I update my employees on changes in how we do business? Or let them know when an item has been 86’d? How do I elevate my brand against my competitors?

Our teams know restaurants, inside and out. We’re foodies at heart, but technologists with decades of combined experience providing digital experience solutions to QSRs by trade.
If you’ve found yourself and your team asking these types of questions, we can help.
We know running a restaurant means tackling new, different questions daily. Let our teams help you navigate them.
How Can I Increase Basket Sizes?

Ultimately, your goal is to sell quality food (and as much of it as you can). One way to do that? Get customers to add on to the orders they already intend to place. The challenge? Often times, customers are making their buying decisions before getting to the counter.

So how do you interject in their buying process? Meet your customers at their point of decision.

With digital signage in your windows, leading up to your drive thru or at self-ordering kiosks, you can let your customers know about specials or provide ads to remind them that they do, in fact, want fries with that.  

Our SageVIEW Services teams can install, monitor, and maintain your screens. And our Experience Labs? They can produce eye catching, dynamic content that can be easily programmed and controlled. Want to push coffee in the morning or lemonade on a hot day? We can help you do both. In the drive thru, digital signage has been proven to increase overall traffic volumes by 9.1% and decrease drive-thru wait times by 5.75% through greater efficiency.

How Can I Communicate with my Teams?

With SageVIEW Inspire for QSRs, we can produce a digital experience for your employees. You can communicate inventory changes, important or encouraging announcements like your most recent employee of the month highlights, or highlight important safety information.

With digital signage, you can engage, retain, and inspire your workforce. Increase productivity by up to 25%, drive measurable sales increases, improve operational performance and create stronger connections with your customers for improved brand recognition and affinity.

How Do I Build Lasting Impressions with my Customers?

With digital content you can capture 400% more views than with static displays, boost brand awareness by up to 47.7%, and generate 32.8% in repeat business. The statistics show, digital signage works. IF you have the right content.

Our teams can help. They create dynamic, eye-catching content to make an IMPACT with your customers.