Phygital: At the Heart of Brand Convergence

C-stores are adapting at a rapid pace to remain modern and technologically advanced. In today’s “phygital” landscape, it’s crucial to create seamless experiences across store, online, and mobile touch-points for unparalleled consumer engagement.

While in-store can provide convenient, immediate gratification, online offers flexibility and personalization. By combining the best of both options, we surpass traditional customer experiences to create something truly immersive – this is the heart of phygital.

Learn how physical stores and online digital brand have converged with today’s customers to create a completely new brand experience.


The sageVIEW Digital Experience gives you the power to create captivating, interactive customer experiences that are tailored to your specific needs.

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As an Intel Alliance Partner, SageNet delivers flexible, future-ready retail managed services that boost sales with data-driven retail experiences. Achieve seamless, personalized customer interactions that build consumer loyalty with new levels of buyer insight. SageNet’s digital signage solutions powered by Intel elevate shopping experiences and create high-impact branding.