Revolutionize the way you approach digital signage, network connectivity, and cybersecurity for your c-stores.

At this year’s NACS Show at Booth #B3842, SageNet will showcase how phygital is the future of c-stores. Our demos of the latest contactless and data powered technology embrace the intricate web of phygital, immersive interactions that drive customer engagement at every level.

Here’s how SageNet is helping the nation’s leading c-stores adapt and thrive in the phygital age:

  1. Dynamic Menu Boarding: Adjust product offerings, prices, and calorie information on-the-fly based on real-time data, ensuring your menu is always optimized for sales and availability.
  2. Data-Driven Order Status Boards: Streamline customer experiences by providing real-time order status updates and queue details, enhancing customer awareness and satisfaction.
  3. Intelligent Decision Guidance: Offer customers personalized product recommendations, making their shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.
  4. Store-Traffic Data Gathering: Gather valuable insights through video-based traffic data collection, allowing you to understand customer behavior and optimize store layouts seamlessly.
  5. Consumer Mobile Engagement: Engage directly with customers through their devices, creating in-store digital experiences that captivate and retain their attention.
  6. Secure Connectivity: Optimize traditional and alternative connectivity options that meet business continuity and customer engagement expectations.

NACS 2023 Partnerships

We want to extend our appreciation to all of our partners who collaborated with us to make NACS 2023 possible. Our Trusted Connections make us stronger every day.


5f19bd29ac36a5a7cf62b5e0 5e615309dd1b30445811ea5b Brightsign Logo 01
BrightSign is the global market leader in digital signage players, known for their unmatched reliability, security, ease-of-use, and performance, all powered by BrightSignOS™, enhancing communication between businesses and people in dynamic and impactful ways.


Navori Labs, a Swiss software innovator with over two decades of experience, is a global leader in digital signage, computer vision, and AI-driven marketing analytics software, providing premium, third-party certified solutions for both cloud and on-premise deployments worldwide, all developed in-house by a team of expert engineers.


Bluefin Logo
Bluefin International, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in manufacturing custom digital signage solutions for retail, restaurants, and corporate branding worldwide. The company’s range of screens sizes, frames, finishes, form factors, and accessories allows Bluefin to cater to any experience in any environment.


Planar’s primary mission is to provide high-quality display solutions that enable users to see and experience content with clarity and precision, emphasizing the importance of understanding how customers use displays and creating tailored products for optimal results.


Cp Logo
Cradlepoint is dedicated to enabling customers to Connect Beyond wired networks by leveraging LTE and 5G cellular networks to provide a flexible, reliable, and widespread Wireless WAN edge through their NetCloud Service and wireless edge solutions, positioning themselves as industry leaders in LTE wireless edge solutions for enterprise and public sector customers.


Ns23 Official Exhibitor