Revolutionize the way you approach digital signage, network connectivity, and cybersecurity for your QSR stores.

According to a recent INCISIV report, it’s projected that 54% of QSR sales will be digital by 2025. Increased digital automation relies on a highly reliable and secure connection.

At MURTEC 2024, come by Booth #501 to see the latest restaurant tech that maximizes efficiency, customer engagement, and enhanced dining experiences:

  • Digital Menu Boards: Including in-house as well as drive-thru menu boards that automatically update when a customer is present.
  • Queuing Status Boards: Updates in real-time to automatically remove orders from the queue once an order is received – manage customer flow and enhance the waiting experience in a QSR setting.
  • AQUAJI by Navori Labs: This powerful camera-based analytics software generates performance indicators on a site’s foot traffic, physical appeal, time spent waiting for a service, and visitor attention span towards physical objects or screen content.
  • ​​​​​​​The SageCube: Our innovative showpiece highlights the seamless integration of security and managed connectivity using advanced technology to give attendees a glimpse into the future of secure networking.