Mukbang: a portmanteau of the Korean words “muk-ja” (let’s eat) and “bang-song” (broadcast)

A video genre dedicated to consuming insanely large quantities of food while interacting with viewers. AKA – the dream customer for your C-store.

With our SageVIEW™ solution, based on Intel technologies, we can help your C-store sell Mukbang-worthy meals by:

  • Increasing basket sizes
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Simplifying suggestive selling
  • Eliminating printing costs
  • Informing staff & guests of new safety guidelines
  • Enabling contactless, frictionless order/pickup
  • & among other things, getting more fries into your customers hands (and mouths)


Download our White Paper:
Mukbang-worthy Digital Signage


Your goal is to sell more food. That goal hasn’t changed. How you get there, however, has. It’s no longer enough to simply print out a menu. We can help.

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While you’re here: check out some of our team’s fave Mukbangs for any occasion: