In the era of digitalization, online shopping provides convenience that can be difficult for brick-and-mortar retailers to compete with. But by utilizing digital experiences inside your store, you can combine the best of in-person shopping with digital convenience to captivate and engage shoppers.

Lift N Learn, our innovative ‘phygital’ solution, seamlessly bridges the gap between the physical and digital realms, empowering your store to offer a truly immersive and informative shopping journey.

With Lift N Learn, your customers can effortlessly interact with your products. By simply lifting an item from the shelf, an instant display of detailed product information appears on strategically placed digital signage throughout your store. Customers receive detailed descriptions, pricing, reviews, and even complementary item suggestions the moment they engage with a product.

These personalized experiences encourage shoppers to explore your offerings further, and will both enhance customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of larger cart sizes. You’ll be able to cross-sell and upsell more effectively, driving higher revenue and customer loyalty.


Free Whitepaper: The Interactive Retail Revolution


Embrace the future of retail by transforming your store into an interactive and engaging destination. Lift N Learn empowers your customers to make informed decisions, fostering a deeper connection with your brand and driving increased shopper engagement.


Why SageNet?

As a Managed Network Services provider, we understand the importance of seamless connectivity and robust cybersecurity measures. Our Lift N Learn solution is built on a secure and reliable infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operation and safeguarding your valuable data. Our full suite of SageConnect services offers:

  • Managed Firewalls
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Digital Signage
  • Data Analytics
  • And more…


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