Health & Safety On Display

Digital Signage is truly a sign for the times. SageVIEW provides the dynamic one-to-many communications needed to keep shoppers & employees informed. Health and safety notifications, availability and location of PPE, general promotion, public service announcements … SageVIEW can welcome, alert, inform and engage in real-time throughout the store, or across the entire chain.

Available for outdoor and indoor applications, content can include:

  • stock/aisle locations of PPE
  • locally and corporate-mandated notifications
  • available seating
  • safety messages
  • modified hours
  • in-store promotions

Expanded service can be combined with camera-systems to:

  • track the number of customers inside store, display current limit and alert managers when exceeded
  • identify mask/no mask
  • analyze traffic bottlenecks/social distancing problems

Quick to deploy and easy to manage, monitor and maintain, SageVIEW Digital Signage Solutions ensure crucial messaging is dynamic, engaging and up to date.


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Why SageVIEW?

SageVIEW™ Digital Signage Solutions provide dynamic, interactive displays that deliver powerful, engaging messages, creating much more impact than static, printed signs. From retail stores and restaurants to financial institutions and healthcare facilities, many multi-site businesses are using digital signage to boost sales and improve the customer experience. are passionate about trusted connections. We believe that by creating, discovering and nurturing trusted connections with its customers, associates and community, SageNet enhances the world that connects us all.

  • All-in-one cloud-based Content Management System 
  • Flexible content support (turnkey or a la carte)
  • Complete connectivity and managed network services
  • Central National Logistics Center
  • Nationwide Field Service Organization

As a leader in managed network and IT services, we connect, manage and protect technologies and devices across the enterprise. SageNet’s collaborative approach provides peace of mind and systems-confidence that empowers an organization to focus on its core mission.

Let us help you build a new path to your objective.

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