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SageNet’s SageVIEW™ is a services-driven, best-in-breed digital signage ecosystem. Combining decades of leadership in digital signage and network connectivity with deep vertical market expertise, SageNet brings you a fully managed end-to-end approach to creating an integrated on-site/in-store digital experience.

The SageVIEW approach begins with the end in mind: your business objective. We then address each phase of the digital signage lifecycle to achieve your goals. The SageVIEW team’s services-first focus ensures a digital experience that is engaging, resilient and that delivers excellent ROI from Day One to Day 1,000 and beyond. From design to deployment, monitoring to maintenance, the SageVIEW ecosystem frees you to focus on your business objectives while we take of the systems and services that make the signage network work.

Four Solutions Suites

The SageVIEW ecosystem consists of four solution suites offered à la carte, turnkey, or as Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS). The solution suites are further tailored to five distinct markets: C-store, QSRs, Banks/Credit Unions, Retail, and Brands/CPG within retail environment. SageVIEW solution suites include:

  • SageVIEW Impact™ leverages hyper-targeted media signage to connect retailers with consumers in three specialty areas: In-store, Outdoor (drive-thru, curbside, pumpside, EV) and Menu/Service boards.
    SageVIEW Inspire™ offers integrated, interactive, inspiring employee engagement in the workplace, leading to increased sales, improved operational performance and stronger employee retention.
    SageVIEW Creative Labs™ is a team of dedicated creatives, technologists and application specialists applying digital engagement to achieve business objectives. SageVIEW Creative Labs specializes in content development, data integration, interactivity and analytics to optimize human-oriented media-rich interactive digital experiences that engage, inspire and generate results.
    SageVIEW Services™ are the core of the SageVIEW ecosystem and what truly differentiates SageVIEW from traditional hardware or software-driven approaches.
    SageVIEW Professional Services, centered in the National Logistic Center, get you strategically to Day One. These services include Design, Config, Test and Turn-up, and Installation services.
    SageVIEW Managed Services ensure a sustainable, scalable digital experience to Day 1000 and beyond. Spearheaded from our 24/7 Network Operations Centers, SageVIEW Managed Services include management, monitoring, maintenance, field support and analytics and optimization.

Not only that. SageNet is an Intel® Partner Alliance Visual Display Specialist. Intel Specialists are selected for their market leadership, strong reputation, and extensive domain expertise. Intel teams with its Visual Display Specialists to deliver advanced solutions based on the latest technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence that ultimately enable companies in the retail and hospitality industries to achieve greater efficiency, reduced complexity, increased sales, and a more personalized customer experience.

Enhancing the SageVIEW digital experience platform, SageNet has more than 30 years of experience providing a broad range of managed network and cybersecurity services to the retail industry, from primary and back-up networks, merchant connectivity and PCI compliant networks to customized networking technology solutions – all optimized to meet the needs of multi-site operations.

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As an Intel Alliance Partner, SageNet delivers flexible, future-ready retail managed services that boost sales with data-driven retail experiences. Achieve seamless, personalized customer interactions that build consumer loyalty with new levels of buyer insight. SageNet’s digital signage solutions powered by Intel elevate shopping experiences and create high-impact branding.