SageVIEW.csx transforms the C-store digital experience. From the pump, to the curb, to the drive thru, in-store, and back again, SageVIEW.csx ensures every customer touch-point is created with your user – and teams – in mind.


We know the challenges you face because our teams are your customers. We not only shop at c-stores ourselves, we also partner with similarly-sized organizations to help them find solutions to their biggest challenges.
We know your c-store faces own unique challenges. Let’s explore a couple of our teams’ most Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate them.

The pump is the perfect place to grab your customers’ attention. Fuel consumers spend an average of 4 minutes and 26 seconds pumping gas. We can help you use this time to increase sales and basket sizes. With loyalty integrations, you can serve up custom promotions on screens inlayed at your pump or sitting adjacent to, to draw customers inside or encourage them to utilize pump-side ordering. At-the-pump digital signage can offer your fuel customers information on ordering high-margin items such as food and beverages.

You can increase convenience, minimize in-store queuing for increased safety, and ultimately increase basket sizes for shoppers who might not have otherwise gone inside.