Your goal is to profitably sell delicious food to people like us. Our goal is to use our 30+ years experience in QSRs (and as eaters) to help you do just that.

You need to get people back to your tables, safely. With our SageWi-Fi™ solution, we can help you expand your counter-top and increase sales while minimizing person-to-person contact.

Let’s get your customers back – & have them bring friends.

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SageWi-Fi™ can:

  • Expand your physical footprint
  • Give customers a reason to shower – erm, we mean – go out for a meal
  • Integrate with loyalty programs
  • Utilize location analytics to understand and market to your customers & passersby
  • Allow for contactless ordering


So we’re ready when you are. We’ve been in our pajamas for far too long. We want, nay need, a reason to put on a clean shirt. People are hungry for a change of scenery – let’s be there to lend them a seat.


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