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Secure Tunneling (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) essentially builds a secure data “tunnel” that enables data to travel securely over otherwise public networks, like the internet, by authenticating users and encrypting the data on one end and decrypting the data on the other.

Having a reliable and secure VPN is critical for keeping businesses running smoothly. SageNet understands this priority and provides VPN Aggregation Hosting Services to meet our customers’ requirements. We offer IPSec and SSL VPNs, and different options including hosting VPN aggregation at the customer’s data center with our remote management, or hosting at our secure facilities (we provide two separate locations to ensure a disaster recovery configuration).

By combining VPN, MPLS and SIP technologies, our Secure Tunneling enables a variety of advantages such as highly-secure remote access, jitter-free Voice over IP, advanced unified communications and collaboration capabilities, and much more.

PCI Logging

WE offer several services that assist in removing much of the burden of PCI Logging compliance.

Additional PCI Logging services offered by us include:

  • Automatic PCI Log Management
  • Enhanced PCI Log Management
  • Real-Time PCI Log Management

Automatic PCI Log Management service includes:

  • Logging and storage of the Prysm PCI logs for online review for 3.5 months
  • Storage/archival of logs offline for a further 9 months in an un-modifiable form
  • Automatic Normalization/Prioritization/Analysis ļƒ configured software filtering tools tailored to the Prysm/Prysm Pro log formats that reduce copious amounts of raw data into a summarized form. [100,000’s of Syslog events filtered down to 10’s/100’s of specific and noteworthy events/alarms]
  • PCI Log normalization/prioritization/analysis of the summarized logs easily reviewed by the customer’s ‘human eyeballs’
  • Customer Web portal access to carry out daily reviews (human eyeballs) of distilled information with multiple GUI tools and applications
  • Automatic email notification of major events/alarms

Enhanced PCI Log Management service includes:

  • Automatic PCI Log Management service features plus:
  • The daily review of the Prysm PCI Logs by a Security Operations Center (SOC) technician
  • Written summary/report of the daily review by the SOC technician highlighting the general status, noteworthy events/alarms and what they may mean. The report is emailed to the customer
  • Customer is only required to read a brief report of 1 to 2 pages typically

Real-Time PCI Log Management service includes:

  • Enhanced PCI Log Management service features plus:
  • 24 x 7 real-time reviewing of the PCI Logs by a team of Security Operations Center (SOC) technicians
  • Real-time response to major events/alarms by SOC technicians contacting the customer with 30 minutes or less with concise summary of the security issue at hand