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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery strategy is a derivative of the overall business continuity management framework. Business continuity is intended to maintain the growth of an organization that suffered an unexpected change in its environment. Disaster recovery deals with an unexpected event that leads to an emergency mode in the organizational environment. The role of disaster recovery is to first define the disaster point in time (to declare an event as a disaster) and secondly to manage the emergency mode of work in the organization while backups and business restorations bring the company back to its normal mode of work.

Often times a disaster strikes suddenly and disables most of the functionality of the organization in a specific region. In this case, recovery may take place after a long period of time, and the organization must be prepared to recover partially in another region until total recovery is achieved.

Regardless to the growth-related business continuity issues, disaster recovery deals with the business survival in unexpected events. The recovery from a disaster will put the business back where it was before the event took place. The process of recovery can take from a few hours and up to a few months in worst-case scenarios, and it will almost always include a use of a backup/alternate site of communication and computer environment.

In order to achieve a quick and reliable recovery it is important to initiate periodical drills for different infrastructures and with as many scenarios as possible such as power outage, loss of a communication, loss of key personnel, temporary loss of facility access and loss of critical business information.

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